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Claire was an excellent tutor. My daughter got A*s in all her science GCSEs. Claire always came prepared, arrived punctually and brought lots of past papers and other materials. She was a pleasure to have around and my daughter rated her help highly. 

Denise, Teddington

I achieved a B at A2 and wanted to thank Claire for helping me throughout Year 13. I found her technique of simplifying complex theories and slowiy building my knowledge up useful, as well as her wide range of resources including printed past paper questions.

Baljevan, Twickenham 

Claire´s tutoring was excellent. She taught each subject in great detail and made sure I knew everything that I needed for the topics I was finding difficult. She also gave lots of useful resources like past questions on the topics she was teaching me which was useful for my AS levels. 

Bahara, Whitton

I found Claire incredibly helpful whilst studying for my A Level Biology and feel that she really helped to boost my grade. Claire is a friendly, kind and understanding tutor, and took it upon herself to find the study methods that suited me and to obtain extra revision materials for our sessions. I would highly recommend Claire to anybody searching for a tutor that is dedicated to helping you achieve what you are aiming for in your exams!
Jennifer, Hampton
Claire is a fantastic teacher. My 16 year old son was aiming for BB in
double science at IGCSE. This was an uphill task after his mock results.
Claire very quickly and easily understood my son's needs and the method of
teaching he required.

Each session she arrived punctually, organised with the topics to cover
and material needed. She also was careful to tailor her sessions around
the number of weeks available to ensure my son covered all the topics he
needed to. Closer to the exams she provided exam papers, which she marked
diligently and provided excellent feedback on.

My son as a result went into the science exams confident and well
prepared. He achieved A*A way over and above what he or his teachers

I have no doubt that without her input my son would not have achieved
grades even close to this.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claire.
Elaine, Sunbury

Thank You Claire for your personal input with all the lessons that you gave Rebecca. She appreciated the kindness in this respect and it showed in the results she attained.

Peter & Hinako, Twickenham


Claire tutored our son during the summer between Years 7 and 8. He had transitioned from the state to independent sector in Year 7 and was needing to do some ´catch up´, as the state school had not been teaching Science at the same (relatively advanced) level. Claire worked with our son intensively - 2 hour sessions 4 mornings per week for 3 weeks. I was amazed how attentive he was and how extremely willing he was to do Science tuition during his summer holiday! He really looked forward to the sessions. Claire was very well organised and got through a tremendous amount of material with him. His scores so far this year have been at least 10 points higher than they were last year (on some exams he is scoring 20 points higher). I really feel like he is approaching the subject with more confidence this year, having done that extra work with Claire over the summer. 

Cheri, Teddington




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